My name is Eric Hann. I have a BA and an earned Master’s degree in Christian studies, and I’m a member of the Evangelical Philosophical Society. I serve as Associate Pastor of Adult Ministries at Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, Ca.

  1. Chariton residents says:

    oh, ok. great site btw

  2. Chariton residents says:

    but why did you leave out the ontological argument? isn’t that one also

  3. Very good question. Although I have much respect for Anselm and his contributions to the subject, I’ve personally never been a huge proponent (fan) of the ontological argument for God’s existence, so, I don’t typically reference it.

  4. Spent some time in Ridgecrest growing up. Thanks for your service.

  5. Tim VanDyne says:

    Pastor ERIC hope this finds you well this is Tim Van Dune never got to say good bye I think of you often would be nice to hear from you God Bless

  6. Hey Tim, Good to hear from you. Hope you are doing well : )

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