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Thursday, Nov. 16, 2016 – Central California

While the vast majority of West Coast College’s enrollment were out marching in an election protest, at least one student, Brianna Shipley, stayed inside and finished reading a chapter in her textbook. Unfortunately for her, she has already been docked a full letter grade by her professor for doing so.

Dr. James Johns’ official statement to the press notes:

“We affirm only people who think as true individuals here. That’s what this class is about. If you refuse to think and act like an individual along with the rest of the class – your grade will suffer” – J.Johns PhD, West Coast College

In response, Ms. Shipley has stated; “With everyone else going outside to walk and shout with their signs, it just seemed to me like a true individual might choose to stay in class and study. Besides, I guess I thought the class was about Medieval Literature, since that’s the title of the course: ‘Medieval Literature.’ I don’t know how walking with a sign in response to recent political events is helping me understand Medieval Literature.”  

The issue will be taken next month to the school’s academic dean to decide if Shipley’s punishment for being in class Thursday will be upheld.


-yes, this is satire – but frighteningly believable, isn’t it? -E