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California state legislators in Sacramento will deliberate next week (Tuesday, Jan 14 2014) over ACA 5 – which, if supported, will prompt the requiring of parental notification for minors to obtain an abortion.

Keep this in your thoughts and prayers. Also, here are some addresses/numbers where two of the movers and shakers can be reached. Shannon Grove is to be commended for her work in getting this on the table. Special thanks to Tim Palmquist of Lifesavers Ministries for keeping people informed about these sorts of issues.

My own simple letter of challenge to Richard Pan of the Assembly Health Committee is also posted below.


Honorable Richard Pan, Chair

Assembly Health Committee

State Capitol, Room 6005

Sacramento, CA 95814

916-319-2197 (fax)


Honorable Shannon Grove

Assembly Member, 34th District

California State Capitol, Room 4208

Sacramento, CA  95814

916-319-2134 (fax)


Dear Honorable Richard Pan, 

On behalf of the roughly 5,000+ active members of Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, Ca., I want to encourage you to support ACA 5.

It is more than saddening to me that parental notification being necessary for a minor to have an abortion would even need to be brought to the table of discussion. There are some stances on issues that are just so obvious they shouldn’t even warrant the need for debate – but still, I’m thankful for any and all efforts made in ACA 5’s support.


Eric Hann
Pastor of Married Adults
Valley Baptist Church
Bakersfield, Ca.