Bad Religion: Voice of Naturalist is Christmas Music

Posted: October 22, 2013 by pastorericrhann in Apologetics, Music and Art, Social Issues
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Greg Graffin, vocalist/songwriter for band Bad Religion, has been repeatedly forthright he wants a “fact-based society” (see interview here). That said, here are three facts about Greg G. and Bad Religion:

Fact #1: Bad Religion really hates it when money is made off of religion.

“Love for God is shown in cash, the love they send is mailbox trash” (Lyrics from “Voice of God is Government” by Bad Religion)

Fact #2: Bad Religion really… (really) hates hypocrites.

“I hate my job, I hate your god, I hate hypocrites and common slobs. Hate people who aren’t what they seem…” (Lyrics from “American Dream” by Bad Religion)

Fact #3: Bad Religion has a new Christmas album release for sale (including many traditional religious favorites)

“but… get your facts straight! They’ve recorded Christmas songs before – and it’s, of course, a joke!”

O.k., fair enough…

Fact #4: Bad Religion… continues… to be o.k. with making money off religious music (and it’s definitely a joke)


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