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Well, we crossed another “date” today.

It’s not Y2K, it’s not Harold (“happy”) Camping day… it’s Mayan (yours) calendar day.


Incredibly, my daughter had friends in college about two years ago saying (seriously) “why should we bother going to school if the world is going to end before we graduate?”


One would think, at some point, that especially as professing Christians we would… “get it.” One part of a very simple formula for living according to a Biblical worldview is… to live every day as if it could be our last. Every day. Not just Y2K day, Happy Camping Day, or Starry Calendar day – but every day.

In all likelihood, I’m more likely to die today in a car accident (or some typical occurence) than in a cosmic, cataclysmic disruption of the universe (although I am of the Biblical eschatological view that Christ could return at any time, although the Bible clearly states “of that day and hour no one knows” – Matt. 24:36 – so, once again, be ready… every day – Matt. 24:44)

Death is a part of life. I read a stat once that in the United States alone, roughly 5,500 people die every single day. This in no way diminishes the seriousness of the problem (or “enemy” I Cor. 15:24-26) we call “death” – or the travesty of events like the recent Connecticut shooting. We need to examine ourselves, talk to people about Christ, and minister to people in the name of Christ… but we need to do this… every day. I found a simple online article located right here you can read which addresses a pretty solid Christian perspective on all this.

Friday is supposed to be my “day off” – but here’s what my “day off” schedule looks like today:

I’m going to make numerous visits to homes of people – to either talk with them about where they are in their relationship with Christ, or to encourage them in their service for Christ (class teachers – particularly). I would have been doing this with or without the Mayan (yours) calendar scare.

I remember my first year of service as a pastor – receiving a book in the mail all the way from Korea about how the eschaton (end of all things as we know them) will take place on an upcoming day in October… in 1992. What I ended up doing up until that day in ’92 is essentially the same as what I’ve been doing up until today in ’12.

Are you prepared for eternity? (John 3:16). Are you bearing “fruit” for an eternal account? (John 15:7-8, Phil. 4:17).

Ask yourself these questions every day, and the “scare” day will be… just another day.

-Pastor Eric