Imagine No Abortion (it’s easy if you try)

Posted: July 12, 2012 by pastorerichann in Social Issues
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So, our friends at “Students for Life” and “Life News” sent us some bites of info. One student article challenges us to envision a nation with virtually no abortion. That article by Catherine Phillips can be found right here.

Life News points out an article on the Gallup poll website for May 2012. Included in this article is the following trajectory trend of views on abortion – pro-life/pro-choice:

The entire article can be located right here.

It strikes me that, for years, people have unfortunately succumbed to a defeatist mindset that the vision of a virtually abortion-free America is unattainable. Aside from the above Gallup diagram, consider this photo and factoid from “Standard News Wire” –

Photo: After 34 years of child killing, this abortion mill in Youngstown, Ohio, has permanently closed its doors. This closure follows a national trend. Two-thirds of all abortion clinics in the US have closed since 1991 – Standard News Wire

So, be encouraged. Keeping consistently doing little things. Keep reading up on facts. Keep supporting places like “Informed Choice.”

And imagine



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