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H-8489 Amendment of SF 2336 Heading to Iowa Senate

Posted: April 19, 2012 by pastorerichann in Iowa, Social Issues
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The following is a note to take into prayerful consideration from our friends at Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition:


On a vote of 57 to 37, the Iowa House passed H-8489 submitted by Rep. Annette Sweeney.  This amendment to the HHS Appropriation bill, SF 2336, was the latest version of what has been referred to as the Whole Women’s Health Priority Amendment featured in my last report, dated April 13th

Although it’s all fairly complicated, I won’t confuse you (or myself) by going into details on how it came about or how it wound up on a Senate File.  Suffice it to say, this amendment will deny taxpayer funds for abortions (except to save the life of the mother) and deny family planning funds to abortion providing health clinics. 

The bill, SF 2336, now goes back to the Senate.  We really need your prayers and senator contacts.  You don’t have to get too technical. Just ask them to support the denial of tax dollars for abortion and abortion providers.  Ask them to support the Whole Women’s Health Priority in the HHS Appropriation.  Ask friends and relatives to contact their Iowa state senators with the same message. 

The bill will probably be considered by the Senate early next week.