Courageous Movie – Get Ready to Take Courage

Posted: September 15, 2011 by pastorerichann in Church, Music and Movies
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Many of you already know there is a mainstream, Christian, feature film release coming to theaters very soon. The movie is entitled “Courageous,” and has been created by the same people who made “Fireproof” – with the theme this time being on taking courage to have a healthy family. The film will be released in many theaters on Friday, Sept. 30, with our own city (Chariton, IA) getting it shortly after that. I’ve been pleased that each movie produced by these film-makers has been progressively higher quality and more meaningful. The film trailer and particular scenes can be viewed by going right here – revealing it to be especially promising.

This is yet another excellent time to send a message to Hollywood by supporting a film that speaks positively about Christian values. Know that many inroads are currently being made in the entertainment industry with executives’ “pocket books” prompting them to work through their prejudices about what a mainstream movie release “should” or “shouldn’t” be. For a number of recent months I’ve been very pleased to see the “Courageous” movie trailer alongside the previews of other standard Hollywood films throughout various theaters.  

If you live in the Southern Iowa area, know that a “Courageous” themed emphasis will take place at Cornerstone Community Church, Chariton, IA, from Sundays, October 16 through November 23, and you and your family are invited to 10:15am worship and 9am classes which will feature the themes/subjects addressed in the film:

Cornerstone Community Church – 120 Northwestern Ave. Chariton, IA. 50049. (641) 774-LOVE (5683).

Take Courage,

-Pastor Eric

Joshua 1:9; John 16:33


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