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The Sondogs originate from both Lucas and Wayne County in South Central Iowa. Their fans can look forward to July 3rd to hear a very unique set-list of original songs and choice covers. The “Dogs” are known for mixing up a repertoire replete with everything from likes of an edgy version of “Amazing Grace” to resurrected covers of “Jesus Movement” Gospel songs. This reviewer has heard the band play on a number of occasions, and has always been impressed with the band’s chemistry. The Thatcher brothers (Robert and John), who make up the chronological “middle” section of 3 generations represented in the band, offer a vocal balance with a grittiness that hearkens classic rock at its best, and the band also features tight – yet still somewhat dangerous instrumentation (featuring both electric and acoustic guitars with John Thatcher and the recent addition of Charlie Hale; Bass: Steve Thatcher; Keyboard: Ian Richardson; and Drums: Nathaniel Thatcher). Their instrumental sound rounds out the vocal expression with a wealth of depth while still never becoming a mere “wall of noise.” With so many strong original songs, fans wonder why they’re yet to get into a studio and record. Until they do, audiences can expect live versions of their original songs along with some stand-out covers. Their cover songs will vary, but will often include the likes of Collective Soul’s/ Pillar’s “Heaven Let Your Light Shine Down” and even Norman Greenbaum’s “Spirit in the Sky.” Listeners are traditionally enthusiastic in their response to the Dog’s raucous version of David Crowder’s “Undignified” as well as to their particularly stellar, jugular vein cover of the late Larry Norman’s “Outlaw.” Rumor has it they also have in their hip pocket a cover version of Norman’s “Why Don’t You Look Into Jesus?” Having recently played Iowa’s “Bash on the Farm” – among other gigs – be looking to hear more from the Sondogs in the future.

The Cornerstone Praise Band/Reborn will be opening for the Sondogs that morning with some excellent praise worship leadership.

Reborn is known to bring people into the presence of God in a heartfelt manner while still being occasionally edgy in their presentation. Vocalists Andy Rich and Amanda Schroeder, among others, lead audiences through an experience of both gratitude and challenge.

Sondogs – with opening worship by Cornerstone Praise Band / Reborn: Sunday, July 3, 10:15am @ Cornerstone Community Church – 120 Northwestern Ave, Chariton, Iowa, 50049. (641) 774 – 5683.
Admission Free.

Also watch for both Reborn and Sondogs to play in the Chariton town square Sunday, July 3 starting @ 3:30pm. Admission Free.

Sondogs on facebook

Sondogs Video Performing “How He Loves” in Dayton:


Reborn on Facebook

Link to Reborn performing Need to Breathe’s “Washed by the Water”


Often we can be buried in merely “bad news.” Here’s a note of “good news” (although it might be “old news” for some). The Academic Freedom bill passed in Tennessee by a vote of 70 – 23. Thus, science teachers can explore alternatives regarding where the evidence takes them – even questioning Darwinism, without fear of reprisal (imagine that). More can be read about that by going here. More recently than this, a 14 year old Tennessee student presented a well thought out response for those who disagree with the decision. Info on this can be accessed by going here.

The following is an update from my friends at the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. As I’ve noted before, though this is not the only issue Christians should be concerned about, this is quite the “hot” button right now in the state of Iowa and worthy of our attention. Apparently, this would result in the toughest pro-life laws in the nation (surpassing recent legislation in neighboring Nebraska). An article from the markedly “pro” Roe v. Wade decision people at the Des Moines Register is linked to as well. Note below, also, information about the opening of the new “Informed Choice” clinic in the city of Des Moines:


Regarding current abortion related legislation in the Iowa Legislature:

The House passed SF 534 by a 54-37 vote.   The amended version of SF534 now goes back to the Senate where its fate is again in the hands of Senator Gronstal.

Des Moines Register article can be found at   


For info about the “Informed Choice” clinic opening in Des Moines, go here.


So what’s the big deal about abortion? Go here for information.