Choices Medical Clinic – Walk for Life 2011 – Brad Sherman

Posted: April 29, 2011 by pastorerichann in Missions, Social Issues
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My Pastor friend Brad Sherman is involved in a “Walk for Life” to help raise money for the “Choices” pro-life medical clinic located in Iowa City. This has always been an important issue, but is particularly a “hot” subject right now in our state. I consider this an opportunity to be more than just “against” something, but to also work “for” something. As a Christian, I’m more than just “against” abortion – I’m also “for” the support, love, care, and options for those who have an unexpected pregnancy. Whatever situation someone is in, there is opportunity to exhibit God’s love in the midst of it all. Consider giving to Pastor Brad and/or the others involved in this walk as God leads you. You can find the location to give and more info about this by going right here.   



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