Iowa Pro-life update 4/14/11 – HF 657 (Was HF 5) in Jeapardy

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I know I’ve been posting quite a few updates on this subject in recent weeks. I recognize this is not the “only social issue” that exists or that we should be concerned about as Christians. At the same time, this is an issue that’s “hot” right now here in the state of Iowa. As always, read this according to your own God-given discernment, and respond within the framework of how God would personally have you do so. I have, and am, personally doing the same. Here’s an update from friends at the “Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition” dated 4 / 14 / 11:


In our last report I stated that the House passed late-term abortion bill, HF 657, was assigned to a committee in the Senate that gave us a fighting chance for Senate floor action.  It all depended on whether there would be a sub-committee and, if there was, which senators from the Senate Government Oversight Committee would be appointed to it.

            Yesterday, Sen. Thomas Courtney of Burlington appointed himself and Sen. Steve Sodders of State Center to represent the Democrats.  Sen. Sandy Greiner is the lone Republican on the sub-committee.  Sen. Sodders has indicated he is opposed to HF 657.  Sen. Greiner said she favors the bill.  We had hoped that Sen. Jack Kibbie would be one of the Democrats on this sub-committee since he indicated he favored passage of HF 657. 

            Nonetheless, as it stands, Sen. Courtney is now in a position to move the bill forward, or kill it (which will result in the loss of lives of many “late-term” babies in the future).  

            In the April 6, 2011 Omaha World-Herald, Carhart is quoted as saying, “that he still plans to open a Bluffs Clinic.”  He has not done so yet, in part because he wants to see what action the Legislature takes.  If the Legislature fails to act on HF 657, or a very reasonable facsimile, Carhart has every intention of aborting some viable, fully formed unborn babies.  He would establish an abortuary serving the entire middle of America and possibly beyond.  This travesty, this insult to the good people of Iowa would blemish this state in a way we could never have conceived of in our wildest prognostications about the culture of death which exists today. 

            I don’t know whether Sen. Courtney is providing cover for Sen. Gronstal or, as rumored, he is at odds with his majority leader over some other issue and wants to embarrass him by letting this abomination be established in Gronstal’s Senate District.  Gronstal stated in the Omaha World-Herald article quoted above that it was too early to gauge HF 657’s chances and “I would certainly encourage people to talk to members of the Government Oversight Committee,” he said.  “We’ll see what they produce.” 

            His comments fit with either scenario I have postulated.  Either way, Sen. Courtney has the power.  How he uses it may depend on you and the other pro-life people who are contacting him.

            I talked with Sen. Courtney today; so did others of our pro-life coalition and some of his colleagues.  He was non-committal, but my gut feeling was he would not move the bill forward.

Senator Courtney’s contact information:

Legislative Email:

Cell Phone: 319.759.5334

Home Address: 2200 Summer St, Burlington IA, 52601

The Senate switchboard number at the State Capitol in Des Moines for calls Monday through Friday is 515-281-3371.

  As I said, he is the only one who now controls the destiny of HF 657.  Contact him this weekend or at the Senate on Monday, but contact him.  Be polite but stand firm.  This is a matter of life and death, and I’m not being overly dramatic.   

            Please let us know if you have made contact with Senator Thomas Courtney (D) by emailing us at .   

PS:  Kansas governor, Sam Brownback today signed a late-term abortion bill for the State of Kansas.


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