Iowa Pro-life Bills HF 153 and HF5 update – March 16, 2011

Posted: March 17, 2011 by pastorerichann in Social Issues
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Here is the most recent update from our friends at the Faith and Freedom Coalition: 


HF 153 did die in the funnel but will be brought back to life as an amendment to HF 439.  On Wednesday, March 16, a subcommittee of the House Government Oversight Committee will meet to consider HF 439 which is “an act relating to reporting of waivers granted from abortion notification requirements for pregnant minors.”  Although we support the intent of this bill, it does nothing to prevent abortion from happening.  We believe it will be amended in subcommittee, either by substitution or inclusion with the language of HF 153, stating that life begins at conception.  Rep. Kim Pearson (R), the author of HF 439 and HF 153, will chair the subcommittee.  Rep. Dawn Pettengill (R) and Rep. Janet Petersen (D) are the other members of the subcommittee. 

After passing the subcommittee with the new language, HF 439 will go back to the full committee where we believe it will receive approval.  It will then be placed on the calendar for further action by the House. 

 HF 5 will be discussed by another Oversight subcommittee on Thursday, March 17th.  Rep. Chris Hagenow (R) will chair the subcommittee.  Rep. Chip Baltimore (R) and Rep. Janet Petersen (D) complete the subcommittee.  We expect HF 5 to pass out of the sub and the full committee with little or no changes.

Both bills will be placed on the House calendar as committee bills.  We are hoping they will be put up for debate shortly thereafter.

Several of the above committee members can be reached by going here.


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