IOOOWA study – Does Rob Bell Exist?

Posted: March 8, 2011 by pastorerichann in Apologetics, Philosophy
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have you ever thought about the possibility that rob bell, himself, doesn’t exist?

i mean, how do we really know?

even if people have met him, and then they tell me he exists, can i trust the veracity of their witness?

have you ever thought that maybe they’re only speaking metaphorically?

could it be they only mean that the hyperbolic concept of rob bell exists, whereas the literal person doesn’t?

even if i met him personally, and shook his hand, is it possible that i shouldn’t even trust my own senses?

if i dogmatically hold to the literal existence of rob bell, am i worshipping the god of empiricism?

if rob bell doesn’t really exist, is it possible that the whole emergent, rob bell era of nebulous thinking patterns isn’t real – but merely a strange nightmare of some sort?

isn’t postmodernism fun?

i know i think so


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