Iowa Pro-life: HF5 update – March 7, 2011

Posted: March 7, 2011 by pastorerichann in Barna, Social Issues
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The following is an update on the HF5 pro-life bill in Iowa. The Des Moines Register can be decidedly biased in their reporting, but the following is an update about it from the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition. Thus far, I’m finding the FFC people to be knowledgable and sound in many of their perspectives.

  HF 5 – The Register got this one right.  It has been reassigned to government oversight, is funnel proof, and will eventually get to the House floor for debate.  It may get some “tweaking” in committee, but we are confident that its purpose, which is to stop LeRoy Carhart or any other doctor turned butcher from performing evil, unthinkable procedures in the state of Iowa, will prevail. 

You might know that there is another bill people of pro-life sympathies are watching. Most of you know that I am most definitely for the HF153 stance about life beginning at conception, but at the same time, any incremental movement that saves unborn lives (such as HF5 and late term abortions) is always good by me. The FFC says a confirmed detailed update on HF153 will be sent out by them today, and to not take the “down in flames” declaration presented by the Des Moines Register too seriously. We can wait, watch and pray on this.

Also, you might already know that there is an event at Point of Grace Church in Waukee tonight (Monday, March 7 – 5:30-7:30pm). This should be a very informative event related to some potential candidates and subjects germane to Christians. I would be interested in attending this event myself, but I just have too many “irons in the fire” right now, and time with my own family is going to take “first seat” precedence this evening. Here is a link to the information about the event, and take note that the speeches will be also be broadcasted live tonight on CSPAN. As always, be prayerfully discerning, as I will attempt to be as well. I respect others’ views on this but I, for one, am thankful George Barna will not be one of the speakers at this particular event : ). There are a number of reasons I could give for my views on this (I wouldn’t completely land where Witherington does on some of the items in the linked article, but I’m in general agreement with most of what this respected Bible scholar has to say in this and the subsequent series of related blog articles). I might post a little tongue-in-cheek something or other on this later : ).

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