January 2011 – Sanctity of Life

Posted: January 27, 2011 by pastorerichann in Social Issues
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There are many in the Christian community who are focused on the “sanctity of life” subject during the month of January. One thing: Know that if you’d ever had an abortion – God loves you and as with anything else, there is always forgiveness available at your doorstep in the name of Jesus Christ (I John 1:8-9).  January is a time when people can pray, be informed, and also seek to help those in the midst of dealing with questions and situations. Seeking ways to minister to people with “unplanned” pregnancies is always a good first action step in “caring” about prenatal life. Regarding information, the following are at least a couple of good resources on the subject:

John Jefferson Davis Ph.D. is a Christian ethics author I’ve respected for many years, and some his writings on the subject of abortion can be accessed right here.

I’ve also found this site to be an excellent quick reference source on the subject.

-Pastor Eric Hann


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