Quotable – Andrew Murray

Posted: October 14, 2010 by pastorerichann in Quotables

 I’ve meditated through a number of books by Andrew Murray in recent months along with my daily time of scripture devotions. I appreciate Murray as a devotional author though, like with so many others, I may not agree with him on every finer point of doctrine. This excerpt from “Absolute Surrender” spoke to me:

“Religious self-effort always ends in sinful flesh. What was the state of those Galatians? Striving to be justified by the works of the law. And yet they were quarreling and in danger of devouring one another. Count up the expressions that the apostle uses to indicate their want of love, and you will find more than twelve – envy, jealously, bitterness, strife, and all sorts of expressions. Read in the fourth and fifth chapters what he says about that. You see how they tried to serve God in their own strength, and they failed utterly. All this religous effort resulted in failure. The power of sin and the sinful flesh got the better of them, and their whole condition was one of the saddest that could be thought of”  … “if we think of how much… there is unlovingness and temper and sharpness and bitterness … and how much there is of envy and jealousy and sensitiveness, and pride, then we are compelled to say: ‘Where are the marks of the presence of the Spirit of the Lamb of God?'”

– From Andrew Murray (1828-1917) “Absolute Surrender” pp. 88-89


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