Iowa November Election 2010

Posted: September 3, 2010 by pastorerichann in Prayer, Social Issues

Iowans, do be encouraged to prayerfully vote your Christian conscience this upcoming election on November 2nd, 2010. The following are some adapted recomendations from some fellow Christians here in our state to take into prayerful consideration:

Consider participating in the 40 day (Sept. 20 through Oct. 30) prayer and fasting initiative, praying for our nation.
         There are at least two or three different organizations promoting this on a national level. Maybe you are already connected to one of these efforts. If not, know that how much one prays and how one fasts is totally up to the individual. But if Christians all over the state will sign up for a time slot so that someone is praying and fasting for our nation and for Iowa on each day for the 40 day period, the impact will be great!
    This is so very important! Praying in itself is an act of humility and submission. It is where revival starts and it is where the healing for a nation can begin. 

Take seriously your vote on Supreme Court Judges on Nov 2nd.
        There are 7 Iowa Supreme Court justices.  Unlike the U.S. Supreme Court, these are not lifetime appointments. Iowa’s Justices must be periodically “retained” by the voters.  It is rare that Judges are voted out because people, for the most part, don’t know who they are or where they stand on issues.  But on April 3, 2009, Iowa’s highest court unanimously voted to strike down Iowa’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and legalized homosexual marriage in Iowa. Since it was unanimous, the way to vote on retention seems pretty clear: Give these Judges their pink slips. (Read more about this issue here)


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