Once again, on Dec. 22, 2016 a sea of families (literally thousands) received Christmas gifts via the California Highway Patrol – which is an event hosted on the campus of Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield.

This is a bit of challenge to a position that virtually all of society’s ills are caused,  jointly, by these two entities (law enforcement and the *gasp* organized church). Might want to rethink this : )



Thursday, Nov. 16, 2016 – Central California

While the vast majority of West Coast College’s enrollment were out marching in an election protest, at least one student, Brianna Shipley, stayed inside and finished reading a chapter in her textbook. Unfortunately for her, she has already been docked a full letter grade by her professor for doing so.

Dr. James Johns’ official statement to the press notes:

“We affirm only people who think as true individuals here. That’s what this class is about. If you refuse to think and act like an individual along with the rest of the class – your grade will suffer” – J.Johns PhD, West Coast College

In response, Ms. Shipley has stated; “With everyone else going outside to walk and shout with their signs, it just seemed to me like a true individual might choose to stay in class and study. Besides, I guess I thought the class was about Medieval Literature, since that’s the title of the course: ‘Medieval Literature.’ I don’t know how walking with a sign in response to recent political events is helping me understand Medieval Literature.”  

The issue will be taken next month to the school’s academic dean to decide if Shipley’s punishment for being in class Thursday will be upheld.


-yes, this is satire – but frighteningly believable, isn’t it? -E

Yes, the wave continues. Info about this can be found by going right here – and how you can make your voice known can be discovered at this link (who knows, this very post might get removed at some juncture… ). A simple question: How long has your money been pouring into state schools as they’ve taught ideologies you diametrically oppose? (even pseudo-spiritual ideologies?) 

Last one out, make sure you grab a Bible  -E


Perhaps the best way to help end global poverty. Even Bono has finally admitted this. Here’s a quick and easy link to help donate to micro-enterprises.


Ecuador-Earthquake - 2016

Here is a link to donate to Ecuador Earthquake relief through Baptist Global Response. I know everyone is keeping this situation in their prayers.

Gary Thomas - Sacred Marriage Book Gary Thomas - Sacred Search - book cover Gary Thomas - Best Marriage truly Sacred

Hey Bakersfield/Kern County people:

There is still time to get registered for the Gary Thomas event at Valley Baptist Church, Bakersfield, Ca. There are 392 TOTAL registrants so far  (294 for marriage / 98 for “search” as of 12 noon Wed)  and names are still coming in. This is a “last call” reminder! It’s not often any church can have a nationally known speaker and prolific author come and speak in person. Thomas’ current speaking schedule even includes London. A number of people are purchasing tickets for their married kids, and singles. Final reminder – see you there 🙂 –Pastor Eric

Register here http://www.valleybaptist.org/pages/page.asp?page_id=182776

(or call Tracey 387-6328)

Right off, special thanks to all those who made their presence known – standing for Life yesterday (Sunday, 10/26/15). Here in our locale, we had a seemingly stronger turnout than last year. Great job!

So. Watch video below (The subject conversation is disturbing, but there are no images in this video).

You decide. Does this most recent video conversation with Planned Parenthood seem like the conversation is:

Out of context?

Edited to make it sound a certain way?

You decide.